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comment to be added

*name/ age / bias / otp / where you're from / anything! :)

selective / non-friending

{ fanfics locked after 2 days }



super junior | hanchul | victoria song |
i ship almost all suju pairings

fandoms stalker. fics junkie.

warning: fangirl ahead.

I'm Michaela, pronounced as Mi-ka-e-la ~ My OTP is Hanchul. Idek. They're real in the most sense of real and asahdghjfg, they're gorgeous together. And I still believe on them just because. It's heartbreaking they've came apart but ~love can do miracles~. And srsly, such a beautiful pair. I love how their personalities compliment each other <3

But I also love KyuMin, Eunhae, Kangteuk...etc (lol) but not as much as I flail for Hanchul. Oh, recently I've been into Kyuchul because ofthisvideo,  and thisnovel fic. hehe.

My forever bias is Heechul. That crazy, , witty, sarcastic, confident, gorgeous sex god. Hankyung'sprincessbitch.

Uhm...well, I am eighteen. :)

I'm a lazy ass who does lots of epic fails in my life and I tend to overreact and I talk a lot~~ hoho
I appreciate simple, pretty things ♥.

Also, I'm a crybaby. Aish, I really hate myself sometimes for not being able to control my tears, urghespecially while reading fanficsssssss!!! /hugs my kleenex bbs.

I love fanfics and I write them.

I'm from the Philippines!!! :DDD

find me here: twitter || tumblr ||

(please let me know if you made the banner i used, will give credit to you!)

Hey you, let's be chingus!

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